Want to join us in our coffee journey, and become an ambassador of our brand?


  Here at Kungpow Coffee, we are looking for partners that share the same goals and core values as we do, and that strive for excellence in the product that they serve.


Our Values:

  1. Transparency in our products and the way we conduct business.

  2. The sharing of Tangible knowledge.

  3. To constantly strive for coffees that benefit both the farmer and the end user.  


Our Goals:

  1. To assist our partners in their growth.

  2. To Offer specialty grade coffee at a competitive market price.

  3. To Create an environment within our brand where all feel welcome.  


  We obtain these goals and values in our shared passion that we have for the industry and the partnered relationship we build with you.


  When you join our brand, we offer you the following solutions to elevate your customer experience:

  • Complete assessment of your establishment, recommendations if any are required.

  • In house Training of all your staff on a regular base.

  • Full Technical Support.

  • Freshly roasted Coffee delivered weekly.

  • Transparent Specialty Grade Coffee.



Specialty Grade Coffee: any single origin coffee bean lot that has been quality graded by a panel of qualified and registered Q graders and receives a score of 80 or above on a 100 point scale. “Top tier of coffee quality ”


If you have the same passion for coffee as we do and want to grow your business, we invite you to join us by fill out the Contact form .