Kenya Mihando SL-28 PB 300g

Country: Kenya

Region: Kiambu District 

Varietal: SL28 FM/SL28 

Process: Washed 

Grade: Peaberry 

Altitude: 1,650 masl 

Soil: Rich, volcanic, red and sandy soil 

Harvest year: 2020


Taste Profile


Acidity: Complex berries

Body: Smooth, 90% dark chocolate

Sweetness: Complex jammed fig then molasses

Aroma: Red and Black berry jam, cacao nibs, Sweet to the nose with hints of all spice


Recommended Brew Method


Brewing Equipment: Kasuya dripper

Brewing Ratio: 1:20

Coffee: 15 grams

Timemore Grind Size: 32 clicks

Water Temperature: 94C

Preparation: wet filter paper with 66 grams of water and let stand for 45 secs


Bloom: with 60 grams drifting should finish in 45 secs, wait 1 min


1:45 pour 120 grams over a period of 45 secs wait, 15 secs.

2:45 pour 120 grams over 30 secs

4:30 remove the dripper


The Art of Production 


This coffee has undergone a traditional fully washed process. Ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected and floated in clean water to remove any immature or poor quality cherries, which float to the top of the tank. These top cherries are then pulped to remove the cherry fruit and fermented in clean water for 4-6 days to break down the remaining sugary mucilage. The parchment coffee is washed with clean water in grading channels, and then dried on raised African beds for 3-5 weeks (depending on ambient climatic conditions). Once the optimum moisture content has been reached the parchment is rested for around 1 month and then hulled, graded by bean size and further handpicked, before being bagged in GrainPro for export. 


The Region 


Mihando is located about 50kms from Nairobi in Kiambu County, part of Kenya’s Central Highlands to the east of the great Rift Valley. The coffee farm is bordered by Kiganda estate, a well known nut producer. This is one of the best producing areas in Kenya, known for its high quality estate coffees

Kenya Mihando SL-28 PB 300g