Honduras Mercedes Ocotepeque - La Mora


"Grounded for Turkish Coffee"


Origin: Honduras

Region: Ocotepeque

Farm: Finca La Mora

Variety: Obata, Pacas

Altitude: 1100-1800 masl

Proc Method: Natural


Taste Notes


Acidity: Stone Fruit

Body: Balanced, Black grape like

Sweetness: Complex, honey and boiled candy like when it cools

Aroma: Honey, Slightly floral, Black Grape 


Recommended Brew Method


Turkish Coffee

Brew ratio: 1:10

7 grams of coffee 70 grams of water

Mix it with spoon and bring to boiling point on low flame 


Region and Farm story


Carlos Roberto Hernandez is one of the pioneers to invest in specialty coffee in Ocotepqeque, Honduras. In his property, only two varieties have been growing, Obatã and Pacas.


Finca La Mora is unique, located in one area in Ocotepeque where years ago no one would risk planting coffee, due to the clayey soil with pink color and a dry microclimate, Carlos Roberto has bitten all the odds and has been producing aromatic and full-body coffees scoring 85+.

Honduras - La Mora (Turkish Coffee)