Guatemala El Mirrador


Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Farm: El Mirrador

Variety:  %100 Bourbon

Altitude: 1550-1720 masl

Proc Method: Fully Washed


Taste Notes


Acidity: Complex Citrus

Body: fresh creamy Mango juice 

Sweetness: Sour Cherry that cools into cocoa nibs

Aroma: Orange Zest, Ripe Mango Peel 


Recommended Brew Method:


Brew Method: "Keep right pass left"

Dripper: Clever dripper.

Brew Ratio: 1 to 8

Grind Size 30

Dose weight: 30 grams

Water temp: 94 degC  

Prep: Pre-wet filter paper and let dry for 1 min.


00:00. Add 30 grams coffee and pour 240 grams water within 45secs 

01:45. break the crust and stir 

02:00. place dripper on server

02:45. remove dripper and bypass with 50 to 75 grams water to taste (TDS: 1.26)


Origin and Farm Story


Finca El Mirrador area is at the most remote point of Huehuetenango. The Lopez family has been growing coffee in this region for about 38 years. During the first time they cultivated a coffee tree, there were no roads and transportation vehicles reaching this region, and they were able to deliver the coffee they gathered to the nearest town after 3 days of long and arduous journey with horses and mules.

In their early years, they could not show the sensitivity and care they show to coffee now.


The coffee they looked at as a crop they harvested just to make money back then became a passion with the new generations being involved. In the early 1990s, Huehuetenango became a region that attracted qualified coffee buyers thanks to its high acidity and complex taste coffees. Finca El Mirrador won the quality award in 1999, and this award was an important motivation for the Lopez family to implement better agricultural practices and to develop wet processing methods. They continue to practice by learning better pruning, fertilizing and shadow management methods.


Even today, the Lopez family continues to be recognized as the pioneer of innovations in agricultural applications and post-harvest operations in the region. They also apply semi-washed, honey (honey) and drying (natural) methods.


Guatemala - El Mirrador 300gr