El Salvador Santos Hernandez  Finca El Aguacatillo 


Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalatenango

Farm: Aguacatalito

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 600 masl

Proc. Method: Washed


Taste Notes:


Acidity: Fruit Tart

Body: Creamy

Sweetness: Fruit Sugar

Aroma: Greyfruit, apple and blueberry with Complex fruit notes


Color Reading: 88

Degassing: 5 to 7 Days


Recommended Brew Method




V60 filter paper (deep Bloom Method)


Brew Ratio: 20 grams of coffee to 300gr water

Bloom: 70 grams of water 1:30 min

1:30 pour 130 grams of water

2:30 pour 70 grams of water

3:30 pour 30 grams of water

4:15 lift the dripper


Farm story


Santos Hernandez is the owner of El Ahuacalito farm, and he has been growing Bourbon for more than 20 years, taking good care of his farm. Santos does a selective hand-picking of ripe cherries, and manually de pulps them. The fermentation is done in tanks for 8–10 hours before washing, and then the coffee is is dried on patios for 12–13 days. 

El Salvador Santos Hernandez Finca El Aguacatillo (86) 300gr