Maria Elena Ochoa - Pacamara - Honey Microlot


Country: El Salvador

Region: Talquezalar, San José, Alotepec-Metapán

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1300 masl

Proc. Method: Honey Process


Taste Notes:


Acidity: Low Apple Acidity

Body: Creamy Hazelnut milk

Sweetness: Roasted Almonds

Aroma: Marzipan with hints of Papaye, long aftertaste


Color Reading: 90

Degassing: 5 to 7 Days


Recommended Brew Method


Ratio: 1 to 10

Mix well with cold water in a cezve, sugar is optional but frowned apon

Place on low heat and slowly bring to the boil, stir twice during the process


Farm story


Maria Elena Ochoa owns a 10-hectare farm called Divina Providencia, where she grows both Pacas and Pacamara varieties. Once the coffee is picked ripe and de-pulped, it's fermented dry for 10 hours, then washed three or four times before being dried on patios and raised beds for 8–15 days.

El Salvador Maria Elena Ochoa Honey Process(Turkish Coffee) 300gr