Origin: El Salvador

Region: Ataco, Apaneca

Farm: El Divisadero

Altitude: 1600masl

Variety: F1 Centroamericano

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation


Taste Profile


Acidity: Complex Bright Citric

Body: Smooth

Sweetness: Dried Figs

Aroma: Almond, Orange Bitters, Lemon Grass and Armenian Plum


Farm Story


El Divisadero is a 6-hectare plot of one of El Salvador's oldest farms, the Himalayan Finca. This plot located 1600 meters above sea level is planted mostly Bourbon, Caturra, Pacas and Pacamara. El Divisadero has a clay and volcanic soil of very good quality which produces coffees often awarded at the Cup of Excellence.For this microlot, Mauricio innovated. He used the F1 centroamericano variety which is a hybrid of Sudan rumé and Sarchimor. This coffee is natural processed with and an anaerobic fermentation, that is to say that the cherries were placed in plastic barrels hermetically closed in the coolest place of the property and this during 36 hours for fermentation. Then the cherries are dried on African beds for 2 or 3 weeks and placed in bulk in open wooden crates for aeration for 1 month.




Divisadero is the name of the project led by Mauricio Salaveria which consists in bringing the coffees from his different farms (5 in total) together in one place to experiment with numerous processes and specific varieties.The coffee washing and drying station, located at the Villa Galicia farm, is particularly impressive. Mauricio prepares dozens of different coffees, each with its own unique characteristics.This group of farms is situated in a very beautiful region of El Salvador, known as The Flower Route. Mauricio is very careful to make optimum use of shade by employing an agroforestry model. Shade trees are very well suited to coffee production as they protect the soil and reduce water stress endured by coffee bushes in the dry season, hence promoting soil drainage. They are also excellent wind barriers, which are essential in this region for coffee trees to be able to grow.




If you want to talk to a microlot expert, you need to get in touch with Mauricio.He uses innovative coffee processes, is meticulous, and above all always smiles! Mauricio works hard to respectnot only the environment but also his workers.He puts his great expertise into providing a wide range of coffees, skilfully juggling with the different varieties and processes. When tasting his coffees, you can sense a certain subtlety, and some quite “feminine” profiles.We already work with his Villa Galicia and Himalaya farms, and this year we will be introducing Cruz Gorda and the El Divisadero and El Copo plots.With Mauricio, the possibilities are endless!


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