Costa Rica - Las Lajas - Red Honey Process


Country: Costa Rica

Region: Central Valley, Sabanilla, Poas

Farm: Las Lajas

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1300-1600 m

Process: Red Honey Process

Harvest: 2019/2020


Taste Notes


Acidity: Complex, Raspberry, Blueberry when cold

Body: Whipped Cream

Sweetness: Candy Floss

Aroma: Wild Fresh Berries


Recommended Brew Method


Brewing Method: Delta Sweetness

Brewing Equipment: Delter Press

Brewing Ratio: 1:15

Coffee: 20 grams

Grind Size: 25 clicks

Water Temprature: 94C




Wet Filter paper and let stand for one minute

00:00. Bloom with 60 grams of water on first push 30 sec.

02:00. Push 120 grams for 1 min, wait 30 secs.

03:30. Push 120 grams for 1 min, wait 10 secs.

04:40. Remove delter.


Farm Story


Oscar and Francisca Chacon are almost unique in Costa Rica, as they are one of the only micro millers to still produce certified organic coffee. Whilst many Costa Rican coffee farmers have stopped producing organically, the Chacon family have remained true to their principles. Their passion for coffee has led them to experiment with different honey and natural processes and consequently the Las Lajas brand has become famous in the specialty coffee sector.

The Black Honey process is a Las Lajas specialty which has been developed and refined over many seasons to ensure its superior and consistent cup profile. This is one of the longest honey process used at Las Lajas and involved the coffee being left unmoved for a period of 24 hours.

The Red Honey process is much shorter and involves drying the coffee on raised beds. It is then pulped in the morning and transported directly to the drying beds, where it is only turned once in the afternoon.

The Alma Negra natural process begins with a selective harvest, where only the ripest cherries that have brix measurements of more than 18% are picked. Once picked, the cherries are washed to remove floaters and transferred to patios for drying. The cherries are then moved intermittently over a period of 22 - 27 days, depending on weather conditions.

The coffees that are processed at Las Lajas are all delivered from family-owned farms. Oscar and Francisca are continually working to develop new processing techniques, to ensure that they are producing a cup that truly expresses the delicacy and complexity of their coffees.



Costa Rica - Las Lajas 300gr