Colombia Huila La Cereza (88)


Country​: Colombia

Region​: San Agustin- Huila

Farm Size: ​1 hectare(s) 

Variety​: Caturra and Colombia 

Process​: Sundried 

Height​: 1750 m

Annual Rain Fall​: 1700~1780 mm 

Producer​: Andres Ospina

Harvest Year​: 2019


Cup Profile

Sweetness: Dry Berry Sweetness

Acidity: Red Berry Tea with hints of pineapple

Body: Full Clean Body

Aroma: Dry Red Fruits, Pineapple, Red Apple

After Taste: Dry white wine


Recommended brew method


Delta Press


30gr coffee, 30 clicks on Commandante

First press: With 90gr of water press 45secs, wait 30secs.

Second press: With 155gr of water press 45sec, wait 30secs.

Third press: With 155gr of water press 45secs and serve 


About The Farm


La Cereza farm; the founder of Colors of Nature, is owned and managed by Andres Felipe Ramirez Ospina. The farm has been producing Caturra and Colombian coffee for 30 years, and Andres bought the farm in 2014 to focus on natural processes. Andres and his wife Kaori are committed to building relationships in the region's production. They use this farm as an educational platform for farmers in the surrounding areas.


La Cereza farm with 4200 coffee trees, they produce an average of 4400 kg of green beans per year.




Colors of Nature(CNC) was established in 2007 by Felipe Ramirez as a pilot project to educate coffee farmers in impoverished/conflict regions of southern Colombia on cultivating quality coffee. They have succeeded in implementing modern farm technologies on smallholder farms throughout the country and just inaugurated a new research facility this year. Currently working in 13 provinces( including Huila, Narino, Cauca, Risaralda, and Cesar), Colors of Nature and its nearly 1,200 smallholder farmers are producing up to 60 micro and 15 high-premium lots each year with majority of these coffees sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and North America. 

Colombia Huila La Cereza Naturel (88) 300gr