Ethiopia Cana by Guji Highland Plantation

Roast Date: 22.07.2019

Resting Time: 3-4 days

Country:EthiopiaRegion: Shakiso, Guji, SidamoSub-Region: Dambi UddoFarm Size: 950 hectares (Estate + Smallholders)Variety:HeirloomProcess:SundriedAltitude:2000 - 2150 maslAnnual mean rainfall:1200- 1600 mmFarm Manager:Ture WajiWashing Station: CanaCup ProfileAcidity: Fresh BerriesBody: CreamSweetness: Milk ChocolateAroma: Strawberry and Cream with hints of floral undertones tonesProducer Background:Guji Highland Coffee Plantation was established in 2012 with exports beginning in 2016... Located in Oromia’s southern Guji Highlands, it has 250 hectares of sloped farmland stretching 1.5 kilometers in length with an average altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. Surrounded by canopies of natural rainforest, Mormora Plantation produces all of their estate coffees sustainably with EU/NOP and JAS organic certifications.The youngest of Mormora’s estates, there are 5 washing stations connected to the estate including: ALLONA, CANA, DAMBI UDDO, SEWANA AND SUKEAlthough apart of the greater Sidamo region(Sidamo Zone A), coffees from the Guji Southern Highlands produce a very unique cup profile. Lots from the Allona, Cana, Dambi Uddo, Sewana and Suke are high is tropical fruits, acidity and have high berry and cream undertones..On the estate, coffees are selected with care and placed on raised African beds without 6-8 hours of picking to ensure proper fermentation and drying. Depending on processes(washed or natural), coffees can stay on drying beds for up to 4 weeks to ensure the optimum flavors have been achieved. In addition to the 250 hectares of estate land, Ture and his team of scouts also purchase red cherries from smallholder farmers surrounding the farm. To date, this includes 400 smallholders with an additional 500 hectares of farmland producing an annual yield of 280 tons of coffee parchment.

Ethiopia Cana by Guji Highland Plantation (87) 300gr