Company: website, exclusive owner, KUNGPOW COFFEE GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI. headquarters located at Duatepe mah. Akyildiz apt no2 d17 Sisli / Istanbul (There after it will be referred as company).




 A legal entity or real person (It will then be referred to as “User“ or “Users“) who connects to the Site and accesses and views any information, image or publication in this address in any way, sharing and consenting to his / her personal data as a Member of the Site.




This Membership Agreement describes the general provisions regarding the User's use of the Site and the methods by which the company uses to collect and distribute data collected from the user.


The User shall be deemed to have accepted all the rights and obligations in this Agreement from the moment it is connected to the Site and cannot claim that he / she does not know the issues set forth in this Agreement.


Terms of Use of the Site:


The User shall be entitled to provide the requested information when using the Site or when it becomes a member of the Site. If the user does not agree, he / she may refrain from giving said personal information.

During the membership process, users are asked to provide some personal information, such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and membership request may be denied if this information is not given in full and complete. The Company will use the User's personal information and data for the purpose and will not share it with third parties without obtaining the User's consent. In this context, the User hereby declares that he / she agrees to send commercial electronic messages to the Company by using the information given to him when he becomes a member of the Site.


The information provided by the User or the information transmitted by the Company and related information disclosed in the transactions carried out on the Site, without revealing the identity in any way, shall be based solely on statistical evaluations, e-mails and / or mobile acknowledges and agrees to use the message (SMS / MMS) through permission and communication, marketing, database creation and market research.​


The company can be reached from +90555 288 83 86 number on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.


Nature and Use of Personal Information:


User personal information and data may be used in the following cases:


Site Membership and Contests:

Users who wish to subscribe to the Site would be obligated to share some of their personal information during the membership process to serve them better and for other appropriate purposes. The information collected within this scope may be used by the Company from time to time within the scope of competitions or raffle and similar activities to be organized through the Site.


Shopping through the Site and Related Delivery:

The personal information of users can be used by the Company for shopping on the Site and for the purchase of products purchased after shopping.




Information about users can be used in new product development, production, distribution, marketing and advertising of products. It is at the Users' discretion whether or not to participate in surveys on the Site.


Information Services:


Users acknowledge that the Company may use their personal information and data to contact the Company's representatives in order to request further information about the Company's products, questions and requests, access to certain areas within the Site and communicate with them about the activities of the Site.


Personal information can also be used to deliver up-to-date information about product information and promotions to Users.


Non-Personal Information and Other Information:


The Company may collect non-personal information as well as personal information on the Site. Some of this information is used for technical requirements, and some of them are designed for the design and sustainability of the Site and for displaying the pages on the site properly.



The site automatically collects information about the browser used, the operating system, the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, whether the Site was visited by the Users before.


Updating Your Personal Information:


Users can add, edit or update personal information on this site using the User passwords. The Company shall not be liable for any delays or problems in the services provided on the Site due to the inability of the personal information to be updated.


Underage User:


This Site is managed in accordance with the regulations in the Turkish legislation. In the event that Site Users are underage, access to the Site and use of the Site must be performed by their parents or an adult, and their consent and approval. Those under 18 years of age cannot subscribe to the Site and may not make purchases through the Site. In case it is determined that the site member is under 18 years of age, the Company immediately cancels its membership.


Collection of Non-Personal and Other Information:


In some cases when users log on to the Site, the Site may automatically save some technical information, such as a non-personal IP address, through Cookie technology. This information may include the type of user’s Internet browsers and/ or computers, the domain address of the Internet service providers, the number of visits, duration and character preferences. The number of visitors to the site is monitored cumulatively. This process does not include any personal information of the Users. This information ensures that the Site is kept up-to-date and the Site can be tailored to users’ interests. These non-personal information may be shared with the Company's affiliates, subsidiaries, business partners. Users can set their computers to prevent the use of cookies or to alert them if they are in use.


Security of Your Personal Information:


The Company will endeavor to ensure the safety of Users' personal information and data. However, the Company does not provide any warranty to the Users regarding the security issues that may arise due to the security information, hacker attack and similar situations that may arise due to technical reasons. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or loss arising from the loss, misuse, unauthorised use and other misused information of the User.


Other Sites:


The Site may contain links to other sites that are not owned by the Company. These other sites are not controlled by the Company and no liability can be attributed to the Company regarding the content, products, services or privacy policies of such sites.


For this reason, Users may download information on such sites, or they may be harmed as they may inflict rights on their computers, enter a virus on their computers, and bear all risks. It is the responsibility of the Users themselves to carefully review and accept the terms of use and privacy policies of other sites.


Downloading information from these sites may result in the use of Users' personal information and data, damage to intellectual property rights, or viruses infecting their computers. Users must read the privacy policy and use terms and conditions of other sites when they leave this Site or connect to another website. However, it is also their responsibility for users to question the reliability of sites that claim to or are similar to the Company (including those linked to the electronic mail). The User agrees not to assign any responsibility to the Company regarding these situations.


Dispute Resolution:


This Agreement and the use of and access to the site directly and / or indirectly, any disputes that may arise is subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.


Accordingly, Turkish Laws will be applied in the resolution of disputes, including those relating to the validity or existence of the Terms of Use, and Ankara (Central) Courts and Enforcement Directorates will be authorized. living in a different country from Turkey to behave according to the laws they are subject Users are entirely at their own risk.




The Company has the right and authority to transfer its rights and powers arising from this contract to third parties.




The Company has the right to make amendments to this Membership Agreement without prior notice. For this reason, Users should be aware of the changes made by reading the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement regularly. All changes are valid from the moment they are uploaded to the site. By continuing to use this Site, Users who continue to access the Site agree that they are aware of these changes and that they have been modified.




Users may send any comments, questions, complaints and suggestions about the Site to the Company's telephone or e-mail address given below.




Duatepe Mah. Şahmerdan Sk. Akyıldız apt no:2/17 Şişli/İstanbul


Tel: (555) 288 83 86